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Biological systems are composed of highly complex networks, and decoding the functional significance of individual network components is critical for understanding healthy and diseased states. Several algorithms have been designed to identify the most influential regulatory points within a network. However, current methods do not address all the topological dimensions of a network or correct for inherent positional biases, which limits their applicability. To overcome this computational deficit, we undertook a statistical assessment of 200 real-world and simulated networks to decipher associations between centrality measures and developed an algorithm termed Integrated Value of Influence (IVI), which integrates the most important and commonly used network centrality measures in an unbiased way. When compared against 12 other contemporary influential node identification methods on ten different networks, the IVI algorithm outperformed all other assessed methods. Using this versatile method, network researchers can now identify the most influential network nodes. This function is available in both R and Python versions of the influential package. The tutorial video showcases the function performance in the R environment. You can also visualize a network based on its IVI values using the Centrality-based Network Visualization function.
Adrian Salavaty
Adrian Salavaty
Research Officer
(Bioinformatician and Systems Biologist)

My research interests include Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Graph-based Model Development, and Multi-omics Cancer Analysis.