Meta-analysis of RAG2 using a genotranscriptomic/proteomic approach; Suggestive of its oncogenic role

Image credit: Adrian Salavaty


Epigenetic modifications are implicated in various intracellular changes that altogether result in regulation of proteinic content within the cells. These epigenetic modifications are exerted mostly by epigenetic complexes such as PRC2 and ASCOM which their misregulation is implicated in development of different diseases including cancer. Herein a genotranscriptomic/proteomic metaanalysis is done using different databases such as COSMIC, cBioPortal and The Human Protein Atlas to investigate the oncogenic role of RAG2, a component of ASCOM complex. In addition, the similarities between mutation distribution of RAG2 and JARID2, a component of PRC2 and also between their over/under expression may be suggestive of the association between PRC2 and ASCOM.

Key words

RAG2; PRC2; ASCOM; Oncogenic role; Genotranscriptomics